5 Resume Fonts That No Longer Work in 2019

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Why Is Your Resume Format 2019 So Important?

Having the best font for resume 2019 and the right format is very important for getting your application noticed no matter where you are applying. Many jobs attract many hundreds of applications and recruiters are spending less and less time in reviewing your resume to decide if it is what they are looking for. In fact, according to surveys, the recruiter can be spending as little as just 6 seconds taking a look through your resume.

Thus, it means that sometimes it’s even not so important what top skills for resume are included, but your resume font always matters. In that short time span, they are of course not going to be able to take in a huge amount of information. So as you can imagine writing that lengthy and detailed full job and life history is a waste as it is unlikely to get read all of the ways through. The purpose of a resume is not to communicate every possible fact about you. It is there just to get you an interview. All of the recruiters are worried about is finding someone that meets their expectations and can add true value to their company. As Everest College says:

“When it comes to beefing up the staff, employers usually have one thought in mind: how to make the business more profitable.”

Your resume format 2019 for freshers and other applicants, therefore, has to be able to clearly present the information that the recruiter wants to see. You have to make the recruiter’s job as simple as possible so that they don’t have to hunt for any information. You have to make it so obvious that it will literally jump off the page and grab them. They are not going to sift through your resume forever looking to make you fit the role.

Why Is the Font Important?

The first thing is to consider just what the recruiter is going to do with your resume, just who is the audience and what will they do with your resume? Very often they will actually do more than just simply read it. Many recruiters will use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to review your resume and also Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system to convert your printed resume back into something that their software can read.

The OCR software works best with standard fonts that are commonly used within programs such as Word. Using fonts that are less usual can cause the OCR software to struggle to recognize some of the letters. If this is the case your resume may struggle to get through the ATS as it may not find the keywords that it is looking for and your resume may not even reach the desk of the recruiter.

The second thing to consider is just how easy your resume is to read. Using a font that is fancy or has unusual letter construction can make it had to read. Not what you want if the reader is only going to spend a few seconds trying to read it. You have to make your resume quick and easy to read if you want to be successful in communicating the information that the recruiter needs to see.

2018 resume fonts to use infographics 5 Resume Fonts That No Longer Work in 2019

Thirdly you will want to make your resume stand out from the crowd of other resumes that they have seen. This is where you may need to make a trade between ease of reading and how your resume actually looks. Submitting something that simply blends in with all of the other submissions may not help you, but by making it too different you may cause them to be unable to quickly read what you have to show them.

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What Is the Best Font for Resume 2019

Selecting your 2019 resume font needs to be done with care. Where possible try to stick with just the one font on your resume. Using multiple fonts for different areas of your resume can confuse the eye and distract the reader. But knowing which to choose from Helvetica, Arial, Times New Roman, and the many other different fonts that come with most installations can be tough. The following will help you with your choices:

Which fonts not to use on your resume

The following are some of the fonts that you should avoid using on your resume:

  • Times New Roman; this may seem like a good font to use as it is easy to read by both people and OCR software. The problem with this font is not in its ease of reading but in the fact that almost everyone else will have used it.
  • Arial; just as commonly used this is another font that should be avoided purely because of the number of others that will be using it.
  • Courier; this font is meant to replicate typed text produced on a typewriter. It can look a little unnatural on the page due to letter spacing being the same for each and every different letter unlike most over proportionally spaced fonts.
  • Brush Script; while it may be tempting to use a font that appears like handwriting they should be avoided. They are not only hard to read but also overused by many.
  • Comic Sans; using any unusual looking font such as this should always be avoided as it just simply does not appear professional.

resume fonts 2018 to use 5 Resume Fonts That No Longer Work in 2019

Which font to use

The following are some of our recommendations of fonts that you should use within your resume:

  • Calibri; this font is not used as often as some of the other easy to read fonts and as such is a good choice for your resume. It also is fairly compact allowing you to squeeze in a few extra words onto each page.
  • Gill Sans; this font has a modern look but is also very easy to read. As such it is a good choice for your writing.
  • Cambria; this is another very easy to read but less commonly used font. It is designed to be easier to read on monitors as well as being an excellent font when printed.
  • Constantia; this font has much rounder letters than some of the other fonts and looks more friendly than some of the other easy to read fonts that you may choose.
  • Helvetica; by some this is considered the king of fonts. However you may have to actually purchase the font to use it if it is not on your computer.

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Get Your Resume Format 2019 Spot On

The aim of your resume if to clearly and quickly communicate the information that the recruiter wants to find. You really do not want to be messing with fancy looking layouts or decorations to show off your skills; this is best left for online portfolios that you can of course link to from your resume. With your resume simple is best so follow the rules below:

  • Keep your resume clear and uncluttered; have margins that are at least a full inch in width on all sides of the page.
  • Do not mix fonts or try to use one that is difficult to read.
  • Use white space effectively as it will help draw the eye of the reader where you want them to look. Use space prior to any section as it will help them to see the information listed at the start of each section; which should be the most important.
  • Do not use any form of decoration on the page as it will only cause the reader to be distracted from what you have written. Do not use borders, graphics or photographs on your resume.
  • Use text formatting sparingly; overuse will simply confuse the eye of the reader and negate the purpose of the formatting.

Remember, as Anne Quito says:

“A résumé is a business document, not a canvas for artistic expression—even if you are an artist or designer looking for a job.”

Always select the best font for resume 2019 and take care with your formatting if you want to ensure that you have the greatest chance of gaining an interview.