How to Write a College Resume in 2019 If You Hate Writing?

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Do You Need Help to Write Resume for College Student 2019?

Whether you are writing a resume for that all important first job, internship, or even to access another part of your education it can be a very difficult document to write. Your college resume 2019 is something that will need to impress the reader well enough to offer you an interview. With little or even no working experience it can be hard to understand what you should write. So, here you can find the best resume advice 2019.

No matter where you are applying you will be competing against many others all looking to be placed. So your personal college graduate resume 2019 must be capable of not only showing that you are suited for the position, it must also make you stand out from the other applicants.

sample of college student resume for internship 2018How to Write Your Resume for College Student 2019

It does not matter if you are looking for a job or entering the next stage of your education your resume must be written perfectly. As Suzanne Shaffer says:

“Because admission to college is so highly selective today due to the marked increase of students applying for the limited open slots, it is crucial that you find a way to stand apart from all of the other applicants. A high school resume can help you do that. It is one of the most important marketing tools that you can use in selling yourself.”

The following are some guidelines to help you to understand just how you need to put that resume together in a way that will make you stand out.

Understand what they are looking for

The aim of your resume is to get you an interview; you will achieve this by showing the reader that you have the skills and education that they are looking for. While this may sound impossible if you have not had a job before you may be surprised at just what skills you have acquired in school and during your other activities. Many skills such as communication are transferable, so being able to write great articles for the school newspaper and delivering an end of year speech are all indications that you are a good communicator.

The first stage before you start to write your resume is to discover what they are really looking for. This will mean reading through the job advert or other information and listing out the skills, experience, and qualifications that they are looking for.

Match your skills and other qualities to their requirements

You will need to reflect what they are looking for within your personal college resume 2019. This means finding examples of how you have actually used the skills that they are seeking or value. It is not sufficient to say that you are a great team player if that is what they are looking for. You have to demonstrate that you are with a clear example.

You will have used skills within many areas and you should consider all of these as places where you can demonstrate experience from as well as any specialize course you have been on or other programs attended:

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  • Class work; have you made PowerPoint presentations in your class? Have you worked as part of a team on a project or led a team? There are many areas within your education that you can use to demonstrate the various skills that you will have learned.
  • Volunteer work; if you have done any form of work even if unpaid you will be able to demonstrate the skills that you learned there. You will also be able to show that money is not your only motivator.
  • Hobbies; have you built a website? Blogged? Raced and maintained motorbikes? There are often many skills that you can demonstrate through your activities in your own spare time.
  • Extracurricular activities; did you run the school math club? Did you raise funds for the school prom? Again, there are many areas that you can use to boost your own resume.
  • Achievements and awards? Have you gained an award for something that is relevant to your application or any academic honors? Or even been chosen to represent your school or class in something such as a competition or a conference.

Clearly, target the role by compiling the information using the skills and experience from the areas above.

If you want to make your CV shine, take a look at these 2019 resume powerful words!

Clearly define your personal goals and objectives

This section of your resume provides you with the opportunity to show the reader that your future lays within what they are offering. If your goals and objectives do not reflect the position that they are offering then you are not going to be selected. You must clearly match what you want to their expectations.

Highlight your education

When looking for your first job you will almost certainly list your education before all of your skills. Later on in your career, your education will be further down your resume with your work experience taking a more prominent position.

Write concisely

Get to the point and write in a way that is going to get the reader’s attention. They are not going to want to read a full narrative that goes on paragraph after paragraph. Make use of bullet points and be selective over the words that you use. Select action words to demonstrate your skills and abilities such as:

  • Chaired
  • Accomplished
  • Facilitated
  • Programmed
  • Coached
  • Led
  • Supervised
  • Decreased
  • Increased
  • Repaired

Your writing should clearly show what you did and what you accomplished. If possible quantify what you have actually achieved for instance “Increased circulation of our school newspaper by 20%.”

Be truthful in what you write

Stick to the truth within your resume and do not exaggerate what you have achieved. Things will be discovered when you are interviewed or start the job. So always stick wholly to the truth within what you write.

Proofread your resume with care

Submitting a resume that contains errors gives the reader a very poor first impression. They will feel that either you are not interested in the position or that you are just a sloppy worker. Either way you are not going to be considered for an interview.

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Take the time to proofread what you have written. If possible have it read by a third party to both seek out any errors and also to critique what you have written.

Use Samples and Other Guidance to Improve Your Resume

Looking at a good college resume sample 2019 is an excellent way to fully understand just how you can layout and write your own application. The following links are to additional sources of advice and samples of college resumes that you may find useful:

Writing your resume is not a simple task and you should not expect to simply submit your first draft even if you follow all of the advice above. Be prepared to rewrite your resume several times as well as having to tailor it carefully to each application that you make. Work hard, follow our

Work hard, follow our guidance and your college resume 2019 will help you to land an interview for the position you want.