10 Things to Put on Your Resume for Internship in 2019

college student resume for internship 2018 tips

Why Do You Need an Internship Resume 2019?

Getting an internship is a great way to start gaining that work experience that you will need to gain that first real job. The most import thing in getting hired in many roles is simply career-related experience that always takes the main part of your internship resume. But if you have never worked how do you get hired to gain that career related experience. This chicken and egg situation is what most students face when they are applying for summer employment or internships to gain that all-important experience. Of course you can create some LinkedIn profile 2019, but you need to do more.

Writing a college student resume for internship 2019 is going to be a very different task to that of writing a resume for someone that has already been in their career for a few years. The greatest fear that any student has in writing that internship CV 2019 is that they just don’t have anything worthwhile that they can list to help them get that job. The following sections will run you through just what you can do when creating a resume to apply for an internship or a part-time job for a student:

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Write the Best Resume for Internship 2019

Writing an effective resume for your application need not be hard and it can be surprising just how much relevant information that you will be able to find to populate it. The following steps will help you to develop that effective resume that will aid you in gaining that first position that will provide you with the experience you need for your future career:


1. Have clearly defined professional and personal goals

Show your vision for your future so that any potential employer can see if you are matched for each other. Also having clear goals as to what you want to achieve through your internship will help you to have a more meaningful experience.

2. Present yourself in a professional format

Start your effective resume 2019 off with a clean looking template. You want your resume to appear professional and to the point. You will not want to distract the reader by providing them with an artistic piece of work (unless you are applying as a graphic designer maybe). Stick to a single side of a paper and follow the guidelines here:

  • Use clear margins all around the resume of at least 1 inch
  • Use a 12 point font that is easy to read such as Arial
  • Never use fancy scripts that people may struggle to understand
  • Use traditional headings for your internship resume 2018 templatesection titles such as:
    • Personal Information
    • Employment Goals
    • Education
    • Skills
    • Experience
    • Activities and Interests
    • References
  • Avoid the use of excessive formatting of your text. Bold section titles is usually enough

Your resume should not look cramped or cluttered. The reader should be able to pick it up and quickly be able to see exactly what you have to offer.

3. Highlight your education

Seeing as this is likely to be your first piece of real work and you have until this point been very much concentrating on your education it is best to list your qualifications immediately after your personal information and goals. In resumes used once you have experience, you would usually relegate your education to the lower part of your resume.

4. Target the role

No matter where you are in your career you will want to ensure that your resume will reflect the needs of the recruiter. Always take the time to clearly identify what skills and other qualities they are looking for from an applicant.

As Louise Fletcher says about writing your first resume:

“It doesn’t have to get you a job and it doesn’t need to cover your life history. It simply has to pique the interest of the reader and answer the only question he cares about: will this candidate add value to my company? If your resume answers this question effectively – by clearly communicating your strengths – employers will want to meet with you. It really is that simple”

Providing a generic looking resume that could be used to apply almost anywhere is not going to give the highest chance of success. You must ensure that your resume clearly shows that you are the right person for the job.

5. Match your personal skills to their expectations

Many students are worried that they just have nothing to write within their resume as they have no direct career-related experience. However, with a little thought, there are often many areas of your education and outside of class through which you will be able to demonstrate your skills and achievements. Consider all of the following:

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  • Class work; did you lead a team for a piece of project work? Did you have to make a presentation using PowerPoint for your class? Have you had to give a speech? There are many areas in which you can demonstrate team working, leadership and communication skills.
  • Hobbies; From blogging and website building through to photography and learning sign language there are many areas that you can demonstrate specific skills as well as your dedication.
  • Extracurricular activities; Things such as submitting articles for the school newspaper and coordinating the chess club competitions can all provide valuable sources of information for your resume.
  • Voluntary experience; this allows you to show off your ability to dedicate yourself to some form of regular commitment just as you would for paid positions. It also shows that money is not necessarily your major motivation.
  • Unofficial work; even things such as regular babysitting for the neighbors provides you with the ability to show off your responsibility and commitment.
  • Awards and Achievements; did you ever win a prize or get selected to represent your school or some other body? However, do not include anything frivolous such as your 50M swimming certificate.

6. Highlight your achievements

The reader will want to know that you have actually achieved something rather than reading through a list of unsubstantiated claims. So if you have good leadership skills give an example of where you have used those skills and what the outcome of that occasion was. If possible quantify your achievements; so if you increased the membership of the press club or the readership of the school blog tell them that you increased it by 20% or the relevant figure.

7. Be concise

Get to the point; recruiters will not spend forever reading through your resume to find the information that they need or want to read large amounts of fluff. Your writing should be very concise without large amounts of unnecessary descriptions or explanations.

8. Be honest

Never lie on your resume to try to make yourself more employable. Often lies will be quickly found out through a quick look at your social media profiles or will be highlighted in your interview. Always stick to the truth and try to avoid the urge to bend things and over exaggerate your own abilities.Accounting-Resume-Sample

9. Include references

Providing the reader with a list of references with your resume can provide you with an extra boost. However, to ensure that the people that you list are happy to provide you with a glowing reference should the recruiter actually contact them. Ensure that you provide their contact details and relevant information as to their position.

10. Proofread

While this may not be an assignment that is going to lose grades for poor spelling and grammar you will want to ensure that you avoid any errors in your writing. Poor writing could easily cost you any chance of actually landing a job as it will provide the reader with a very poor first impression.

The fact that you did not take the time to find and remove the mistakes tells the reader that you may not actually be as interested in gaining employment as you claim.

Follow all of these steps above for writing an effective college student resume for internship 2019 and you will be able to ensure that your chances of being interviewed are improved significantly.