How to Fix Bad Resume Background in 2019?

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Why Do You Need to Improve Your Resume for 2019?

Getting that job is only getting harder as time passes. Many jobs attract hundreds of applicants, many of whom will have equally as wonderful experience and qualifications as you do. So being selected over them for an interview can be a real lottery unless you are able to make your resume clearly stand out from the crowd. Writing that effective resume 2019 however is not an easy task at all, for instance, if you need some college student resume for internship 2019.

The problems are not only for you as a job hunter; recruiters are also struggling to find ways of being able to select the best applicants when they receive so many resumes and cover letters. They are spending less and less time on actually looking at your resume and any issues that they see will often be enough to make them dismiss your resume without a seconds thought.

As Ludmila Stanova says: 

“we found out that recruiters scan the particular CVs for keywords, and candidates get selected on the basis of fulfillment of the so-called “base criteria”. Consequently, interesting CVs might get overlooked for not having passed those requirements, while the less relevant CVs might pass.”

So you can see that often it is not what experience and skills that you have that will decide whether you will be selected for an interview; it is simply how well you have written your resume. The problem is that there is no one best way to write that perfect resume and as such many job hunters really struggle. The following sections will run through some of the many problems that you may face with your resume and how you can overcome them.

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Your resume is too long

Even if your career has spanned 30 years and many different roles and industries do you really think that the recruiter will want to read a 5 page resume detailing everything that you have ever done? Your resume should contain enough information to clearly show that you meet all of the expectations for the job that you are applying to. Its purpose is to get you an interview and not to answer every single possible question that the recruiter may have about you. That is the purpose of the interview.

Always review the job advert and tailor your resume accordingly to show that you meet all of their requirements in a concise manner. Past jobs that are irrelevant or far in the past can be omitted or you can just provide a few bullets to cover them. Target the job specifically to show that you are the best applicant in just one or two pages.

You have not used the best resume format 2019 layout

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Your resume 2019 layout can have a huge impact on how easily the recruiter will find the information that they are looking for and your chances of being invited for an interview. Imagine the following scenario from Monster:

“you have two resumes in front of you. One is filled wall-to-wall with text and uses four different fonts. It’s also peppered with dozens of bolded, italicized and underlined words and phrases.

The second resume also offers a lot of information, but you can quickly scan the document, because it makes good use of white space, features clear and consistent section headings and uses bullets to make important items stand out.

Which resume would you look at first?”

It seems common sense that the second resume will be the one that will gain the most positive attention, yet many will submit a resume that looks like the first one.

With any resume format 2019 layout you should always consider all of the following points:

  • Use just a single (or maximum 2) font that is easy to read in a 12pt size. Arial or Times New Roman are excellent choices. Never use script or unusual fonts that people may have issues with reading.
  • Use clear white margins of a minimum of 1” all around the page.
  • Minimize the use of text formatting; bolding the section headings is often sufficient for most cases.
  • Maximize the use of bullet points; these eliminate the need for excessive fluff, make things easy to scan, and allow you to maximize the amount of information that you communicate.
  • Use white space prior to each section heading; this helps to draw the attention of the reader to the start of the section. Always place the most valuable information to the recruiter at the start of each section so that it is seen first.
  • Never use any form of decoration or graphics; you want the reader to concentrate on what you have to say.

You have gaps in your employment

Doesn’t matter, what types of resumes 2019 you use, but giving a reason the gap between jobs is not always easy to explain, especially if you had been fired or some other problem that you may wish to obscure and avoid questions about. There are a few different ways that you can avoid this issue:

  • List the amount of time in a position rather than the dates of work. This can be an effective way of avoiding highlighting that embarrassing gap. But ensure that you use this throughout your resume.
  • Another is to just simply the list the years in which you worked in a role without mentioning specific months if the gaps are not excessively long.
  • Use a functional layout for your resume. This resume 2019 layout highlights your skills and experiences rather than simply providing a chronological listing of past employment.

Your degree is not relevant to the role you are applying to

Often for an entry level job you will be expected to have the relevant degree for the post that you are applying to. This is especially true in fields such as engineering and of course medical fields. Degree relevance is less important beyond entry level jobs, it becomes more important that you are able to demonstrate the skills and experience that are relevant to the role even if you do not have exactly the degree that you are looking for.

A lack of experience in the field that you are applying in

Many people will want to change their role or the industry in which they are working but a lack of experience can hold them back. The solution is to write a functional resume that will highlight your specific skills that are relevant to the job. Many skills that you have are transferable no matter where you have learned them or applied them in the past such as leadership.

Often using a functional layout for your resume will help you to be identified as a good match for the job even if you have no formal experience in that role. This is also applicable when writing a resume for a first job when you have no real experience to demonstrate.

Not using industry related language

Every role and industry has its own language, terms and acronyms that will be used. Often you will see these reflected within the job advert. The recruiter will often scan your resume looking for these keywords and phrases and if they don’t see them they will assume that you don’t have them. So using alternatives for those words is not recommended. Use language that is going to be recognized and able to show your experience in the role.

This is especially true when an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is used. Many companies use software to weed out resumes that are not a clear match. These will search the resumes looking for these buzzwords and if they do not find them your resume will not be passed on for a review by the actual recruiter.

Follow all of the advice that we have listed here to ensure that your effective resume 2019 has the best possible chance of landing you with an interview for your dream job.