How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Brighter with Media in 2019

linkedin profile 2018 adviceThe Importance of Your LinkedIn Personal Profile 2019

Getting that next job is not going to be easy, many of the jobs that you see advertised will attract hundreds of applications, many from people equally as well qualified as you are. So getting invited for an interview will mean ensuring that your job application will make you stand out. But in today’s highly connected world this means far more than just giving your resume a quick dust off. For instance, you not only have to provide a potential employer with a software engineer resume format 2019, but also optimize your LinkedIn profile properly.

Some 93% of recruiters will look at social media to research you, with 87% of those looking at your LinkedIn profile 2019 (source). So if your profile on LinkedIn is not telling the same story as your resume or fails to present you in the right light you can be pretty sure that your chances of being selected are going to be fairly minimal.

Having an effective LinkedIn profile can go a long way to helping you to gain that next position. Not only do the majority of recruiters check out your profile if they are considering you for a position, but according to Bob McIntosh, some 80% of jobs are landed solely through social networking on sites such as LinkedIn.

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How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile 2019

Creating a new LinkedIn profile 2019 is not difficult, creating one that will make you stand out from the many others that are there in your field however is. Many people fail to make good use of the many features that the site offers to you to enhance your profile. There are many different things that you can do to your profile that will help you to really stand out from the crowd. Not only should you ensure that your profile is written in a way that will attract the attention of the recruiter you must always make use of the ability to add additional media to your profile.

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Showing off that newspaper article in which you are prominently mentioned or adding that impressive presentation that you made can make a real difference to how you will be perceived by anyone viewing your page. The following areas are things that you can work on within your own profile to ensure that you will be able to make yourself stand out from all of the other people in a similar field and to share your professional brand:

Improve your profile picture

LinkedIn is for professional networking and as such your profile picture should reflect you at your professional best. So that means removing those pictures of you out with the lad or cuddling your latest addition to the family.

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Ensure that you use a picture that is up to date, getting to the interview and having the interviewer think that you are deceptive due to having shown a picture from 25 years ago is not going to help you. Use a picture that shows you with open eyes and a smile so that you appear bright and alert.

Update your summary

While an “objectives” section on your resume may now be outdated, your summary on LinkedIn is a vital part of how you will sell yourself to your potential recruiters. This should be written in the first person and needs to be written in a way that is going to promote you to any recruiter that happens to read your page. Don’t simply rehash what is in your resume, think about what the recruiter really wants to know and how you can promote your skills and abilities to them.

Understand buzzwords

Every industry and role has its own language, acronyms and terms that they use and failing to use these keywords or buzzwords in your profile can prevent you from being found in any searches as well as prevent you from being seen as a serious candidate. Many recruiters will use the features of LinkedIn to actually source potential employees.

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The search works in a very similar way to a search engine. The recruiter will tell the search what they are looking for such as particular job titles, qualifications, skills and so forth. The site will then scan profiles to find those that match the stated criteria. So understanding what those specific things are that any recruiter will look for in your field and including them in your profile in a natural way will help you to be found.

Network on the site

LinkedIn has many different groups that you can join that will be relevant to your role and industry. Being active within these groups by answering and asking questions can help improve your profile on the site and have you seen as a more productive type of potential employee.

Using Media within Your Profile

As Wayne Breithbarth says: “Media can be the great differentiator. It can take your LinkedIn profile from ho-hum to phenomenal–and compel viewers to contact you about your products and services, job opportunities, and more.”

You are able to upload media or to link to it in a few places on your profile. Your summary, job experience and education. By simply clicking the add media button you will be able to add almost anything to your profile and improve your information attractiveness.

The following are some of the things that you can add to your profile that will help to generate additional interest in your profile and to make you stand out:

  • Links to your own personal website or blog if you have one
  • Articles that you have written in your field
  • Copies of certificates and awards that you have received
  • Videos that you appear in or that you are mentioned in
  • Showcase work samples or links to your portfolio
  • Presentations that you have made

Demonstrate your abilities

Your profile needs to really sell what you are capable of and unlike your resume you are not trying to get everything stuck into a single page or two. Always include all of your past roles and do not simply delete them or ignore them due to them being out of date. You never know when someone will be searching for something that is listed there.

Ensure that your skills and achievements are clearly shown. Simple writing your responsibilities within each role is not what the recruiter wants to see. They want to see what you actually did and what the impact was. Where possible add numbers to your examples to quantify what you have achieved.

Keep things up to date

Your status shows that you are active on the site and not just simply waiting in the wings for something to happen. It is also an opportunity to provide the reader with an idea of what you are doing and what you are achieving right now.

Maintain your activity also within the groups so as to show that you are a real asset within your personal role and industry.

Consistency and accuracy

Information shared with employer and recruiters through your resume, LinkedIn and your other profiles online should all be honest and consistent across all sources. Having your LinkedIn profile say one thing and putting something completely different on your resume or on another part of your social network is not going to have a helpful impact on your job search. Always ensure that you are honest, it is far too easy for people to pull holes in what you have to say.

All of the above advice will help you to build or update your LinkedIn profile 2019 and ensure that you will stand out for any recruiter searching within your field.