7 Rules for Your Resume If You Plan to Change a Career in 2019

resume rules 2018 advice 1024x256 7 Rules for Your Resume If You Plan to Change a Career in 2019Why Is It Important to Understand the Newest Resume Rules for 2019?

Gaining that next job will require you to submit an outstanding resume that is going to grab the attention of the recruiter. With many jobs attracting hundreds of applications it really is vital that you follow the resume rules 2019 so that you can be sure of getting a chance of being invited for an interview. Trying to start a career in a new field to the one you are in currently also raises many new challenges. Many positions will demand very specific experience and skills, some of which may not be immediately obvious from your current resume even if you feel that you have them. So it is important that your resume 2019 is rewritten to help you gain that next role.

Whether you are looking for a new job in your current area of expertise or you are looking for a total change in career you will need to ensure that your resume fully reflects what the recruiter is searching for. Too many job hunters simply send the exact same resume and covering letter to every position that they apply for; using a scattergun approach and just hoping that one application will find its mark. The better way is always to carefully consider what position you really want to apply for and then targeting it carefully with your application. The better that you can show the recruiter that you meet their expectations the more chance that you have of getting invited for that all important interview.

 7 Rules for Your Resume If You Plan to Change a Career in 2019

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Applying for a Job in a Different Field

Many professional roles have transferable skills however they may not always be obvious to the recruiter from your resume. Recruiters are not going to take chances; they are tasked with finding the right person for a role and if your resume does not quickly and effectively show that you are that person you are simply going to be overlooked.Recruiters will spend as little as a few seconds scanning through your resume to see if you have the skills that they are looking for, in fact, according to an article in Time that time can be just 6 seconds. So you have to make sure that you will show them what they want to see in just that brief window of opportunity.

So if you are seeking a new path of specialization how do you go about writing that attention-grabbing resume that will help you leap onto that new path? The following tips will help you with writing your resume in a way that is going to get you considered for an interview:

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1. Have a clear career objective

If you are including a career objective within your resume then it should reflect your new job goals clearly so that the reader can see your intentions to move into this area. It should show that you have the qualifications and experience to do the work that you are aiming for.

2. Focus on what the recruiter wants to see

You need to show the recruiter exactly what they are looking for. Start by reviewing the job advert and even the company website to identify the specific skills and qualifications that they are looking for. Many of the skills that you have are going to be applicable to various industries and roles such as man management, problem-solving, communication skills, computer skills, and many others. Ensure that you demonstrate the specific things that they are looking for within your resume.

As Monster says:  “If you take the time to identify your transferable skills, you can convince employers that you have the core skills necessary to excel in your new career choice.”

3. Include relevant non-work related skills and experience

When you are looking to change field you may need to include skills and experience that are not necessarily earned directly from your current work. Often you may have to turn to what you have done outside of work to show how well you match their requirements.

4. Sell Yourself

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Don’t be shy; although don’t go over the top either. Ensure that you emphasize just how well you meet their main requirements and how well you can do the job. Give examples of what you have achieved and how you have applied your skills rather than simply making unsubstantiated claims.

5. Quantify your achievements

It is not enough to simply say you increased sales or reduced costs. If you are going to show off your achievements you need to quantify them. Money talks so if you increased sales by 25% say so. If you reduced costs by $250,000 impress them with the figures.

6. Use terminology that the recruiter will understand

Often there is very specific language used within a particular role and industry. You will need to ensure that your resume reflects this and uses it where applicable. Translate your own personal experience and skills using their specific language, terminology and acronyms. This is also important if the resumes are screened by software before they are seen by a person; if you don’t use the correct industry buzzwords then you will not even get past this initial review.

7. Only include relevant information in a very concise manner

The recruiter is not going to waste their time reading through line after line of irrelevant information looking to find what they want to see. If they don’t see what they need to see immediately they will be off to read the next resume. So only include information that is totally relevant to the role and write in a clear and concise style so that they get that information quickly and effectively.

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Use the Right Resume Template 2019

How you format resume 2019 is also vitally important. Just having the right information that they want to see is not enough if the format of your resume is such that it obscures it or distracts the reader from finding it. For instance, software engineer resume format 2019 differs from office manager CV.

Far too often job hunters try to be clever with their formatting and create a very pretty resume; unfortunately the recruiter wants to read the information not just see how beautiful your resume looks. Always take care when selecting a template for your resume. It should:

  • Contain traditionally titled sections; software is often used to pre-screen applicants and if it cannot find the information that it searches for where it expects to find it then you will not be passed to the next stage.
  • Use a clear looking, uncluttered format with clear white margins.
  • Use a font that is easy to read; never try to use unusual fonts or scripts that may be difficult to read. Make the readers life as simple as possible always.
  • Use a 12pt text size so that your writing is easy to read.
  • Avoid all forms of excessive formatting; often bold on the section titles is enough to draw attention.
  • Have clear space directly before any new section, this helps to draw the eye here and you should always place the most important information at the start of each section so it is seen first.
  • Never use any form of decoration or graphics in your resume, this will just distract the reader from what is truly important.

Follow our resume rules 2019 and you can be sure that your application will have the greatest chance of getting the attention of any recruiter when you are looking to change career.