What Employers Really Look for in the CV Summary Section in 2019

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Why Do You Need the Best Resume Summary 2019?

Getting a job is hard work. Many jobs are listed online or through papers and can attract hundreds of applicants, many of whom are going to be just as well qualified and experienced as you are. That is why you should have an outstanding resume, in order to bit the competition. So getting yourself noticed through your resume is going to be hard work. You have to be aware of all the things to put on your resume as well as all thing not to include.

According to surveys over 250 resumes are received for every job posted and recruiters will spend just 6 seconds looking at your resume. Your resume summary 2019 is one way that you can use to help improve your chances of being selected for an interview in those brief seconds.

Your 2019 resume summary is your sales pitch to the recruiter selling yourself for the role that you are applying to. Done well you will be able to quickly and concisely show the recruiter that you are the perfect match for their job.

How Does a 2019 Resume Summary Differ from Career Objectives Section

There are many that suggest that you start the main body of your resume with a career objective. This short section briefly explains what it is that you ate looking for within a job. While this is fine for someone that that is fresh out of college it is not something that you should be including within your resume if you are a seasoned professional.

Instead of telling the recruiter what you are looking for, you should be letting them know what it is that you have to offer. A resume summary is your opportunity to show the recruiter in a few concise sentences what you really have to offer and how you are the ideal candidate for the post. Done well it allows you to sell yourself to the recruiter and boosts your chances of getting noticed.

As Lily Zhang states:

“a summary statement (also known as “Summary of Qualifications” or just “Competencies”) essentially consists of a few pithy and strong statements at the beginning of your resume that help summarize your skills and experience in order for a prospective employer to quickly get a sense of the value you could offer.”

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How Long Should a Resume Summary Be?

Remembering that the recruiter is going to be only scanning your resume and spending a few seconds to look at what you have to offer you really do not want to be writing war and peace. An ideal length for a career summary is just 3 to 6 lines only.

This should be more than enough for you to be able to summarize why it is that the recruiter should be hiring you for anyone else. Anything longer and it will just not get read and you will not have gained any benefits.

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What Should Your Summary Cover?

The idea is to briefly and effectively show that you are a perfect match for the role that they are trying to fill and that you will be bringing skills and abilities that will truly benefit them. So the first thing that you need to do is to fully understand exactly what it is that they are looking for from that exceptional candidate.

You need to look through their advert, job description, and even the company website to fully understand what they truly value in an employee and what the specific job listing is looking for. List out the specific things that they want from the specific job listing and try to arrange that list into what you feel is most important to them.

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Your aim is to then address the top 3 to 6 things that they are looking for within your summary by matching your achievements to them. Remember that you are trying to make yourself stand out, however; so listing your ability to work well with Microsoft Office is unlikely to be the earth-shattering revelation that is going to make you stand out.

For writing excellent resume summary example 2019 you should be asking yourself:

  • What are your greatest achievements?
  • What are you most proud of?
  • What can I do best?
  • What do I really love about what I do?
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How Should Your Resume Summary Be Written?

This is more than just a demonstration of professionalism. You want to impress the recruiter not with your professional background but with what you have actually achieved. They will be looking for a new employee that will be able to not only do the job but do it well with a proven track record.

Your summary should start with a title that defines you immediately; this will usually be your current job title so that it is clear what your role is.

You then need around 3 sentences that will show your true worth to them. These sentences should be very concisely written and show your real achievements. You will want to ensure that your results are quantified. Numbers that show how much you have saved or what percentage you have increased sales by will make a significant impression on the reader.

Your summary will:

  • Give the recruiter a true sense of what you can really achieve in the role
  • Prove that your claims are more than simple hot air
  • Make you stand out from other applicants
  • Makes them imagine you providing those same benefits for their company

The better that you can impress them with what you have achieved and show that you can potentially achieve the same for them the more likely you are to be selected for an interview. Ensure that what you write however is true; the last thing that you want to do is get yourself selected and then have to explain that maybe your results are a little exaggerated or even be stuck in a position in which you are unable to perform.

Remember that you should be focusing very much on what you can offer the employer, so even if you are writing about what you have achieved avoid the use of the word “I” within your summary. Write it in a way that is almost advertising you for the position; which in effect is what you are doing.

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Tailor Your Summary and Resume for Every Job

If you really want to stand out then your whole resume and not just your summary should fully reflect what the recruiter is looking for. You must always modify your resume to the specific role that you are applying to so that you will match their precise expectations. Placing the skills and experience that they specifically value at the start of relevant sections and ensuring that everything is written in terms that they understand is vital to your selection.

Use the keywords or buzzwords that they use within their job advert within both your resume and its summary. These words will often be used by the ATS to narrow down the resumes that the recruiter will actually see and are also what the recruiter will be scanning your resume to see. Without the right keywords and phrases within your resume, you will be unlikely to be given the opportunity to interview.

Ensure that your resume summary 2019 is concise and targeted to your application by following the advice above so that you are selected for that interview.