How to Write a Functional CV and Be Hired by Google in 2019?

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What Is a Functional Resume 2019?

A functional resume is one in which you concentrate very much on your skills and experience rather than simply listing your past employment in chronological order. This style of software engineer resume format 2019 allows you to better focus your application to demonstrate that you will meet what the recruiter is looking for. So, what are the main resume rules 2019 for this area?

Most jobs have many applicants so getting a chance at an interview is very difficult if your resume does not cut it. According to an article in the Guardian the chances of getting interviewed is around 1 in 400. To get noticed within a company such as Google however you really do need to ensure that your resume stands out from the crowd.

You also need to understand how the company works if you want to get the job. Google summer intern 2019 resume response time is around 4 to 6 months according to Simon Mathieu who has actually been through the process successfully. So making your application tomorrow and expecting a response next week is not going to work. For an ambitious application such as applying to a top rated work place such as Google you must do your homework and understand their policy of recruitment and what to expect.
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Understand What the Recruiter Is Looking For

Sending out the same tired resume and cover letter to every job that you see advertised is not going to get you an interview.

As Doug White writing for the Creative Group says: “Targeting your pitch to individual employers is a much better strategy. Thoroughly research the company or agency online, follow them on social media and tap members of your network for additional insights. Once you have a sense of the role and organization, play up your professional skills, experience and achievements most relevant to that particular opportunity.”

Making your resume and cover letter perfectly reflect their specific needs is almost certainly going to be more effective at winning you an interview. Recruiters do not spend a long time reading through your resume so you need to ensure that they see exactly what they want immediately. Hiding the specific skills they are looking for within a larger list that covers all possibilities is not going to help.

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Always review the job advert very carefully to identify all of the specific skills, experience, qualifications and other requirements that they have. If possible review the company website and all other information that you can find to get a better feel for what they look for in an employee. The better that you can identify what is important to them the more likely that your personal application will be successful.

Match your personal skills such as your emergent leadership talents and other necessary qualifications for the job to their requirements and ensure that the most important always appear first in each relevant section of your resume so that they are seen first. Do not clutter your resume with information that is not asked for.

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Getting through the Applicant Tracking System

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Many companies, especially the larger ones, will use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This software allows the company to screen all of the applications and only allow those that meet a minimum requirement to be passed through to the recruiter.

These work by simply looking for specific keywords within the various sections of your resume. If you match all of the keywords that they are looking for then you will be passed on for the human side of the review. Of course things are often far more complicated, specific words may be weighted higher than others and scores may be assigned so that they select what the computer perceives as the best matches.

So it is vital that you use the same buzzwords or keywords that the recruiter is using for the post. So if you are applying for a Quality Managers position and that is what they are talking about repeatedly use those words and not Operational Excellence Manager as your current title is.

How Should You Present Your Information

Your IT job resume format should be selected to reflect what the company you are applying to expects. Normally you will be expected to provide something that is fairly formal in its presentation. There can, however, be exceptions to this rule if you really want to get yourself noticed. Applying to somewhere like Google may make it necessary to be more creative with your application just to get yourself noticed. However using something that may be considered by many recruiters as being over the top will not often work for most “normal” roles.

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You do want to stand out and you do want your information to be noticed. But this is usually achieved through careful use of your resume template or format. A good software engineer resume format 2019 will be able to draw the eyes of the recruiter to the information that you want them to see.

The following are the things that you should consider when selecting your template or format for your resume:

  • Ensure that it has clear margins on all sides to keep a clear and uncluttered look.
  • Use a font that is very simple to read such as Times New Roman or Arial. Do not use any fancy scripts that the person viewing your resume may have difficulties with reading.
  • Use a 12pt font for your text so that it is easy to read.
  • Maintain clear space before each section heading as this will draw the readers eyes automatically to these areas. Always put the most important skills and qualifications that match the recruiters requirements first in each section so that they see the most important things first.
  • Use section headings that are traditionally labeled; ATS systems use these titles when searching for information so do not use anything that may confuse them.
  • Minimize your use of formatting; excessive use of bolding, italics and underlining will just confuse the gaze of the reader and act against you.
  • Never use any form of decoration such as borders as this will distract the reader from what you want them to read.

Check Your Social Media Presence

A large proportion of recruiters will also check out your online presence in places such as LinkedIn and even Facebook. So always review these profiles in line with what you are presenting through your resume to ensure that you are giving the right message there also. Don’t forget to update or improve your LinkedIn profile 2019. There is little point in presenting yourself as a studious and hard working individual if your social media shows you off as a hard-drinking party animal.

Poorly done profiles online can sink your chances of being selected for an interview so always ensure that they will reflect what you are trying to show within your application.

Use our advice above to select the right software engineer resume format 2019 and populate it with the right information to help you to gain that all important interview with your targeted company.