10 Words for Showing Leadership on Your Business Resume in 2019

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The Importance of Your Leadership Skills Resume 2019

If you are looking for that next role then you will want to make sure that your resume is going to get you that interview. An effective resume 2019, associated covering letter and anything else requested is there for one purpose and that is to show the recruiter that you have all of the skills and experience that they are looking for to get the job done.

But what types of resumes 2019 will work for you and what do you need to cover to ensure that you get selected for an interview? Most recruiters will value the softer leadership and team working skills over the more solid technical skills that they have learned during their time in college or university. Natalie Severt, a resume expert, states that some 78% of employers will seek out the soft skills around leadership when deciding who to interview .

Knowing which specific skills you need to cover within your resume however can be a hard thing to understand. The following tips and guidance will help you to better understand all of the different transferable soft skills that you can highlight within your leadership resume 2019 to boost your chances of getting your interview.

What Types of Leadership Skills Do Employers Value?

The following sections will run through the main types of skills that you should be looking to cover within your resume that will help the recruiter understand your abilities with managing people and leading a business:


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One of the most important traits that you need to develop as a good leader is that of excellent communication. Being able to clearly articulate your thoughts in a clear manner is vital for both verbal and written communication of all forms. It is almost impossible for you to lead a team if you don’t have the effective skills required to get them to follow your lead.

Along with communicating your expectations is also listening to what others have to say. Being an effective listener is just as important within communication. You also have to consider your non verbal communication side; while this can be difficult to show within your resume many employers will be seeking out leaders with excellent body language within the interview stage.

Being able to direct others

Managing people will usually involve you in having to actually direct their actions and instruct them as to what is expected of them. Being able to direct people with clear instructions and form goals for them to achieve is a vital part of your role as a leader. With it also comes the need to provide instructions and guidance to ensure that they will achieve what you are asking of them.


Directing others does not always mean working with a simple command and control attitude. More often than not you will need to be able to help your staff with their endeavors by providing them with all of the encouragement and support that they need. This can cover everything from motivating them to helping them to develop their own soft skills.

Relationship building

Building a good solid team is something that is required within any industry so having the necessary skills to build good one on one relationships with your employees as well as helping them gel with each other is vital. Generating that sense of openness that allows people to come to you as their mentor is very important. Honest and effective communication helps with relationship building as does everything from in work activities and even off site events.

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Where Do You Find What Leadership Skills the Recruiters Are Looking for?

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Knowing what a recruiter is looking for does not have to be difficult. After all in most cases they are going to clearly tell you what they want within their job advert. You need to look at the job advert that has been placed and look to see far more than just what work experience they are looking for and which degree they expect you to hold.

If you read through most job adverts they may include phrases such as “coaching subordinates” or “effective written and spoken communication”. These are the leadership and other soft skills that they are looking for. You must ensure that you fully identify all of these within the advert so that you can reflect then in your own resume.

Not every recruiter or job description is perfect however, not every valuable skill that they are searching for is listed. It is often best to also look at the LinkedIn profiles of those that are already in the roles that you are seeking or to view an example business resume 2018 in your area to see what skills they are highlighting. Skills that are repeated across these profiles and resumes should also be included within your own.

How Do You Cover Your Leadership Skills within Your Own Resume?

As Erin Coursey states:

“Soft skills are the general competencies employers are looking for, such as dependability and attention to detail. They are usually more subjective and harder to quantify than hard skills like public relations, quality assurance/control, product development, or data analysis. However, they are still important to include in your resume to prove that you will fit in well and work hard in your new role.”

Your emotional intelligence needs to be conveyed through your resume in a way that is going to reflect what the recruiters are looking for. The specific skills that you have identified by reviewing the job adverts and seeing what other holders of the positions include within their resumes should be clearly demonstrated within your own resume.

You also need to consider the precise wording that recruiters will use. Often they will use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that will allow them to search through the many applicants and only personally review those that resumes that will contain the specific keywords and phrases that they are looking for. So it is vital that you look for their specific wording and include it within your own resume.

Leadership skills keywords or buzzwords that you could include:

  • Creative thinking
  • Decisiveness
  • Delegation
  • Enthusiastic
  • Goal setting
  • Relationship building
  • Supportive
  • Transformation
  • Vision
  • Critical thinking

With so many resumes being reviewed by the recruiters it is very important that you reflect their full requirements so that they will be able to select you. This is especially true of your soft skills for management and leadership.

Ensure that you use the right types of resumes 2019 and follow our advice here to ensure that you cover the information that the recruiter really wants to see.