10 Resume Killers in 2019 You Need to Get Rid of

resume 2018 mistakes to avoid 10 Resume Killers in 2019 You Need to Get Rid of

Why Must You Avoid the Resume Mistakes 2019 If You Want to Get Hired

Avoiding the worst resume mistakes 2019 is very important if you want any chance at all of getting invited for an interview. Your resume has one purpose and that is to impress on the recruiter that you meet their requirements and that you are worth interviewing. It does not have to do any more than that; your whole educational and working history in glorious detail can be discussed at that interview and it doesn’t matter what types of resumes 2019 you have used.

But according to various studies such as this one by Dr. John Sullivan many corporate job openings attract an average of around 250 resumes. This not only provides you with a huge amount of competition to overcome it also provides a unique challenge to the recruiter. They also have targets to meet and have to be able to narrow down this huge amount of information to just a few matching candidates worthy of being interviewed within a short timescale.

So it is not surprising that many larger companies now use Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software to weed out the resumes that don’t match before they even get to the recruiter. It also goes a long way to explaining why a recruiter may only spend as little as 6 seconds reviewing your resume .

Any CV mistakes 2019 are an easy reason for the recruiter to dismiss your resume and move on to the next resume in their pile. They are not going to spend forever trying to match you to the position, they want to quickly weed out those that are not perfect until they are left with the best matches; often that means being brutal. This often means that even if you are perfectly qualified and experienced for a position you will be overlooked for someone that has simply written their resume more effectively.

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Avoid the Worst Resume Mistakes 2019

Understanding why recruiters will dismiss your resume and the mistakes that you need to avoid is key to getting yourself an interview. The following are some of the most common issues that recruiters will have with your resume and how you can submit the resume expected 2019:

  • Not tailoring your resume to an application

Many job seekers will update their resume when they are looking for a new job by simply adding on their latest employment and then send the resulting resume off to every vacancy that they see. This scatter gun approach rarely works as the resume if simply not targeted to the jobs that you are applying to. This generic text will just simply not do the job.

The recruiter will quickly scan your resume and if they do not see exactly what they are looking for within those brief seconds they will move on. You must identify the specific things that they are looking for and place those important skills and qualifications first within the relevant sections of your resume so that they are easily seen. You can leave out information that is not totally relevant to the position you are applying to. Targeting a position with your resume will always be more effective than sending out a generic resume that the recruiter will have to search through to find the information that they want.

  • Using unreadable fonts

There are many fonts available to use and many different styles; some of which are for many unreadable. Many scripts may look great to you when you use them as section headings or even to highlight information within your resume. But your aim is to quickly and effectively communicate with the reader and that means using an easy to read font such as Arial or Times New Roman in 12pt size. Make the readers job easy, they want to read the information not admire your artistry.

  • Large amounts of text

Many applicants will write lengthy resumes with huge blocks of text. These types of resumes are just not designed in a way that the recruiter can quickly scan looking for the information that they are looking for.

Target the information that the job specifically is looking for and omit information that is simply not going to be relevant to the application to bring down the length of your resume to one or two pages. Make good use of bullet lists which are easy to scan and digest rather than large blocks of text.

  • Overdoing text formatting

We use formatting within a resume to draw attention to the points that we feel are most important. The problem is that we often see a huge amount of information as being important. Text that is full of italics, bolding and underlining is often just simply confusing to the eye and can have completely the opposite effect to what you were hoping to achieve.

 10 Resume Killers in 2019 You Need to Get Rid of

Use text formatting sparingly within your writing. Often simply using bold to draw the attention to the start of each section heading is enough to have the effect you need.

  • Using a photograph or decorating your resume

Almost 20% of the 6 seconds that a recruiter will spend on your resume will be spent looking at your picture if you include it and not checking if you are a suitable applicant by reading the content of your resume. Graphs, photographs and other decorations on your resume are simply distracting and prevent the recruiter from seeing what you need them to see. Never use any decoration on your resume.

  • Using clichés

So you are a “results driven, team playing, self-starter”. Many people use clichés in their writing and they can be an instant turn-off to many recruiters who have already read them hundreds of times that day. So, this is one of the worst resume mistakes 2018. Clichés are often overused, vague and often in reality totally non-descriptive and meaningless within your resume. Avoid them.

  • Unsupported claims

Many clichés are themselves unsupported claims. So you have “excellent man management skills”, but simply making that statement will not tell the recruiter anything. If you wish to claim that you have a skill you must support that claim. In the case of your man management skills, you need to show how you managed someone or a team and what the final outcome was.

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Always provide clear and concise examples of what you have actually achieved to demonstrate what you are capable of. If possible always quantify your achievements to make them more impressive; “Increased sales by 25%”, “Reduced scrap by $50,000”.

  • Unprofessional email addresses

Studdalicious123@mymail.com may have seemed great when you were a student, however using it as your email address on your resume or covering letter is simply going to show your immaturity. Ensure that your email address is appropriate, and if possible reflective of your name rather than a joke. Even if you have had that email address for many years you should set up one that is appropriate; even if you only use it for your job hunting.

  • Incorrect contact information

Surprisingly many applicants forget to update their contact information on their resumes. This can lead to incorrect phone numbers and addresses being used; so hardly surprising that they never get a response from their application. Always check your contact details to ensure that they are totally correct.

  • Not proofreading your resume

Spelling mistakes, grammatical problems, inappropriate word choices and other issues with your writing can sink your chances immediately. They provide a clear first impression that your work is sloppy and that maybe you are not really serious about chasing after the position.

Always carefully proofread your writing so that you are confident that there are no mistakes and typos at all. Do not however simply rely on your computer spell check.

Avoid the worst resume mistakes 2019 by using the checklist provided above so that you can improve your chances of success with your next application.